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Department of Energy Handing Out Hydrogen Research Funds

The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) continues to dole out funds to advance development of hydrogen technology, which has seemed to escape the attention of most media outlets. On October 24, 2006, the U. S. Department of Energy announced it was allocating $100 million to fun 25 hydrogen research …

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JR East Demonstrates World’s First Commuter Hydrogen Train

East Japan Railway (JR) has just demonstrated the world’s first hydrogen hybrid commuter train to awaiting eyes. This means that JR East has jumped ahead of Tokyo’s Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) in bringing a hydrogen railway train (hydrail) to market. JR East’s New Energy Train (NE Train) has two …

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FTA Doles Out $49 Million for Hydrogen Bus Projects

The United States Federal Transit Authority (FTA) announced on October 12 that it will be doling out $49 million to a variety of different companies in order to get hydrogen buses rolling in several cities nationwide. Congresswoman Mary Bono (R-CA) and FTA Administrator James Simpson announced the federal grants for …

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City of Brotherly Love Test Drives Hydrogen Car

On Tuesday, October 24, a GM HydroGen3 will be available in Philadelphia for those who wish to test-drive a hydrogen vehicle. The University of Pennsylvania is also hosting Hjalti Pall Ingolfsson to present the lecture, “Hydrogen – Fuel of the Future?” the following day. Mr. Ingolfsson will discuss the world’s …

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Linde Predicts 6 Million Hydrogen Cars to Hit European Roads

Linde Group’s chief executive, Wolfgang Reitzle is predicting that 6 million hydrogen autos will be on the European roads before the end of next decade. He goes onto say this is a conservative estimate. The Germany-based company is the world’s largest specialty gases supplier with revenues of over $15 billion …

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