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What Hydrogen Cars Won’t Do for You

Hydrogen autos have been seen as a panacea by many to solve all of the problems associated with the transportation industry. Hydrogen autos will undoubtedly help the environment by releasing of zero emissions into the atmosphere. Hydrogen autos will also help in national security by lessening the nation’s dependence upon …

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Yahoo Answers Take on Hydrogen Cars

Since I’m constantly checking on new resources for information on hydrogen autos, I thought I would tool around the Internet and find other places in which people are discussing H2 vehicles. In my journey, I discovered Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers hasn’t been around that long, but I was encouraged to …

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Outside-The-Box Infrastructure Needed for Hydrogen Cars

An article in called, “Hydrogen and fuel cells: fake promises?” talks about all of the problems associated with moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen infrastructure within the transportation industry. Granted, there are many problems that need to be fixed in order for a smooth transition to hydrogen to …

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Toyota Prius Hydrogen Hybrid Car Makes Waves

A company in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) has taken a Toyota Prius hybrid auto and re-engineered it to run on hydrogen. Now, ECD isn’t unique in converting other vehicles, especially hybrids to run on hydrogen gas. Quantum Fuel Systems of Irvine, California has converted quite a …

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