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Hydrogen Carmakers Giving Test Drives

Hydrogen auto manufacturers are coming out of their shells a bit and giving more test drives recently. Nissan Motors is offering up its X-Trail FCV every weekend over the next year at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan for those who wish to take it for a test drive. The test …

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Honda Is Producing Bio-Fabric for Hydrogen Cars

Honda has been using the concept of life cycle assessment (LCA) in order to reduce the autobon dioxide emissions throughout the life cycle of the auto including the production of the vehicle. Part of the LCA concept includes producing bio-fabrics to be used for the interiors of the autos in …

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Candy Coating the Hydrogen Revolution

Yesterday, I reported on some U. S. researchers who are turning pig poop into hydrogen via fermentative bacteria. Today, on a less salty note, there’s a group of British researchers who have a sweet tooth for using candy to create hydrogen. Bioscientists at the University of Birmingham are also using …

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Hydrogen Boats Making Waves

A Dutch fuel cell boat, the Hydrogen Xperiance, will be making waves on June 23, 2006. The hydrogen boat will be introduced at the Frisian Nuon Solar Challenge boat race as a “chase” express boat for VIP’s. The hydrogen boat was created by Ecofys in collaboration with Ganita Shipyard. The …

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