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Monthly Archives: April 2006 Gas Boycott – Hydrogen Cars MIA, one of the most popular web destinations, which boasts over 74,000,000 users worldwide, is also home to the great Gasoline Boycott May 15, 2006. Other gas boycotts on MySpace have been called for in the past, but this one seems to be picking up some steam. The 13 …

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Congressmen All Show No Go in Hydrogen Cars

There’s a buzz on the Internet today about how House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) took a test drive and photo op in a GM Hydrogen3 hydrogen fuel cell auto, then ditched the auto a few blocks later in favor of his Chevy Suburban. Hastert’s security detail, however, demanded he ride …

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German Hydrogen Submarine Dives for World Record

A German hydrogen fuel cell submarine, built by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, set a world record recently with a dive lasting 2 weeks. The German U32, a U212-A class H2 sub was underwater from April 11 – 25, 2006 traveling from Eckernforerde, Germany to Rota, Spain. The U32 is a hydrogen …

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From Ethanol Cars to Hydrogen Cars

Yesterday, I mentioned ethanol as a good interim step to provide relief at the gas pumps from high oil prices now and in the near future with hydrogen technology being 5 years away. Another interesting scenario would be the ramping up of ethanol autos and infrastructure now as a natural …

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Technical University of Denmark Advances Hydrogen Car Technology

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is making significant headway in hydrogen auto technology. First, researchers at DTU have discovered a hydrogen tablet that stores hydrogen inexpensively and safely allowing drivers of hydrogen autos and vehicles to drive 400 miles using a normal-size fuel tank. According to the DTU researchers, …

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Hydrogen Bomb Sautoe for Bush

Yesterday, I reported that President Bush was visiting the California Fuel Cell Partnership in West Sacramento, California for Earth Day. Apparently, at this hydrogen awareness rally, there was a bomb sautoe where a man threw his backpack into a crowd of 1,500 protesters then ran away. The bomb squad blasted …

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Military Moving Ahead With Hydrogen for Vehicles

The U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command at Fort Belvoir in Virginia has contracted with a company called Unitel to deliver a pilot plant that reforms hydrogen from JP-8 fuel. The hydrogen will be used for solid oxide fuel cell stacks to power mobile auxiliary power units on military vehicles on …

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