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Burning Seawater Produces Hydrogen

Since this is September 11, a national day of remembrance, I would like to acknowledge those who fell six years ago and the families who have suffered since. The events of that day brought on a war and turned this nation’s focus from positive growth to the negativity of vengeance …

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Mazda Conducts Serious R&D During Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

“Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” Wernher von Braun The NASA space program initiated the commercial use of hydrogen in fuel cells to generate electricity. Different applications require various types of fuel cells; Alkaline FCs, Molten Carbonate, Phosphoric Acid, Solid Oxide, Direct Alcohol, Electrolyte …

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Toyota’s Mr. Hydrogen Talks 2015

Formerly known by other Toyota employees as “Mr. Hybrid Synergy Drive”, Katsuhiko Hirose has now been given another tag, “Mr. Hydrogen.” Mr. Hirose is in charge of the hydrogen auto program for Toyota and was the key player in the Japanese automaker joining the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP). The LHP …

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Is This Hydrogen Speedboat a Fake?

In December 2011 I asked whether or not this purported hydrogen boat was a hoax or not. And now it’s time to ask the same question again. You see, this boat is part of the prestigious Cannes Boat Show this year and its builders are making the claim once again …

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Hydrogen Luxury Sea Yacht Hoax or Not?

Okay, usually I don’t comment on stories in the news that seem too good to be true. A couple of years ago a story broke about a Japanese water auto that all of the major media outlets picked up and ran with even through there was no proof that this …

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