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Scotland Launches Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Fleet

Yesterday I talked about Hyundai FCEVs rolling off the ships in California and today I want to talk about a hydrogen fleet rolling out in Scotland. In May 2013 I last talked about the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project. At that time it was expected that the £20-million project would bring …

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Aberdeen Scotland Ups Plans for Hydrogen City

Over the past 6 years I’ve spoken half a dozen times about Aberdeen, Scotland and its plans to become a hydrogen hub for autos, buses and energy. Now, Aberdeen is making news again as it ups its game in regard to hydrogen. According to the Aberdeen City Council, “A Hydrogen …

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Scotland Car Sharing Club to Test Hydrogen Vehicles

The Aberdeen, Scotland City Council is offering a Hyundai Tucson ix35 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to their auto-sharing club members to test drive. This is believed to be the first time in the world that a auto-sharing club has been given this opportunity. ITM Power has offered their H-Fuel mobile …

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Scotland Yard Chasing Criminals in Hydrogen Cars

In just a few short years, Scotland Yard detectives will be chasing criminals around London by driving hydrogen autos with bullet-proof tanks. Scotland Yard authorities are taking four Honda FCX hydrogen autos modified for police work from a total order of 70 to be delivered to the Greater London Authority …

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Exploratory Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Three great actions; Explore, Experiment, Evolve.”                    Laila Gifty Akita The French Patent Number 731 gave Rivaz title to the use of combustible gasses, instead of steam, in a piston-type engine.  The combustion pushed a heavy piston upward in a cylinder.  Atop the piston is a toothed rod that engages …

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UK Hydrogen Highway

UK Hydrogen Highway The proposed United Kingdom Hydrogen Highway system is actually two separate highway systems in the north and south of the UK. The northern system is proposed for the east side of Scotland. The southern system is proposed for South Wales. Here is a detailed map of the …

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Glasgow Half Full in Hydrogen Production

Researchers at the University of Glasgow in Scotland (still part of the UK after the vote) have discovered a way to produce hydrogen 30 times faster than current renewable methods. This method allows hydrogen to be produced using less electricity, at atmospheric pressure and do so using renewable energy such …

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