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Riversimple Gets Complex with New FCEV Prototypes

A couple of months ago, Riversimple rolled out its Rasa hydrogen FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle). And, now that we’ve gotten used to this cool, cutting edge design, Riversimple has done it again, but unveiling two new design prototypes at the London Motor Show. According to Gizmag, “In an attempt …

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Riversimple Rasa

February 17. 2016 was an exciting day for eco auto lovers as Wales-based Riversimple Movement Ltd launched Rasa, a two-seater city auto that runs on hydrogen fuel. Driven by the “tabula rasa” principle, the hydrogen fuel cell eco auto company said they set out to “design a auto for the …

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Riversimple Razzle-Dazzles in Unveiling Rasa FCEV

Today, Riversimple has firmly planted itself into the history of hydrogen autos record books by unveiling the Rasa (the name is credited to Aristotle) hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. This Welsh 2-seater FCEV is a production prototype which can achieve 250 mpge, a 300 mile range and can be refueled in …

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Riversimple MK2 to Be Unveiled February 17, 2016

Hydrogen fuel cell automaker Riversimple has stated that they intend to unveil the new 2-seater MK2 (Mark 2) automobile on February 17, 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited. Boasting 250 mpge and a 300 mile range the Riversimple MK2 represents a significant leap for fuel cell vehicles. The vehicle …

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Riversimple Hyrban

Riversimple Hyrban The Riversimple Hyrban is anything but a simple, fleeting thought in one’s head in the middle of the night. The idea behind the Riversimple Hyrbran came from a man named Hugo Spowers. He was a motor sports engineer and race driver from the United Kingdom. Spowers decided to …

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Riversimple FCV Developed in the Cloud

Open source hydrogen auto maker, Riversimple is now designing its vehicle with the help cloud computing. The software of choice is Cadonix, a state-of-the-art cloud-based CAD app for the automotive industry. According to Electronics Weekly, “The firm is developing a two-seater local network electric auto, powered by hydrogen fuel cells …

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Riversimple Hyrban FCV Plans Being Published Online

Yesterday I pondered a pairing between the Horizon HydroFill home hydrogen refueling products and the Riversimple fuel cell vehicle. In June 2009 I had talked about how the Riversimple, which by the way autories a Horizon 6 kw fuel cell, is an open source vehicle that many are able to …

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Riversimple Urban Car Update

Yesterday I talked about the Riversimple Urban Car as an open source fuel cell vehicle that could spread like wildfire to Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, the U. S. and other countries with a budding hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Since then I’ve heard from Toby Guise, a consultant for the Riversimple Urban Car …

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