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Jetpacks Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide

I’ve talked about hydrogen peroxide as a possible clean, green fuel for future autos and other vehicles in the past. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in planes, trains, automobiles and everything in-between. I’ve also mentioned that hydrogen peroxide is being used in jetpacks and rocket packs as a high intensity …

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Bionic Arm Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide

Okay, I’ll admit it’s a bit of a stretch talking about a hydrogen-powered bionic arm on a hydrogen auto website. Be that as it may, this story grabbed by attention as another mechanical device I hadn’t thought about that could be powered by the most abundant element in the universe. …

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Hydrogen Peroxide to Fuel Future Cars?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has long been used to whiten teeth, bleach hair, purify water and clean up cuts and abrasions. Hydrogen peroxide has also been used for years to fuel raceautos, rockets and rocket packs as well. In the past, hydrogen peroxide has been used as a propellant in submarines, …

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Codebonus Some say hydrogen autos are the future, but in reality they are here now (just ask Hyundai and Toyota). When H2 autos become the status quo, the U. S. can lessen its dependence upon foreign oil, achieve lower prices at the fuel pumps and cut down on …

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