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H2USA Signals about Face for Obama on Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked many times about the Obama White House’s less than enthusiastic stance on hydrogen autos, putting money behind battery electric vehicles instead. And I’ve even talked in recent months how the President is warming up and evolving on the idea of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a long range, …

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Two Car Magazines Say Obama May Accept Hydrogen Cars

Just two days after the national election, two auto magazines are pondering the possibilities that second-term President Obama will be friendly to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles this time around. Largely because of the cool attitude of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, the President hadn’t warmed up to fuel cells in the …

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President Obama Evolving on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

This has happened every year that the current Administration has been in office. Every Spring the President along with DOE Secretary Steven Chu has cut the hydrogen research budget. And every year, including this year, the Senate has restored that budget. Now, it seems though President Obama’s stance on hydrogen …

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Obama Says Hydrogen Not Clean Energy

Once again President Obama is proposing to cut the hydrogen budget from the DOE (Department of Energy). Apparently our President does think hydrogen has anything to do with clean energy since he is also proposing increasing spending on clean energy programs to $8 billion. The hydrogen funding cuts that Obama …

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President Obama Signs Nationwide Hydrogen Highway Initiative

Today, a little reported initiative happened at the White House. President Barack Obama has changed his stance on battery electric vehicles and has signed the “Nationwide Hydrogen Highway Initiative” into law. The new initiative will mandate that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Department of Energy (DOE) build up to …

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