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Hydrogen Fueled Lawnmower Engine Expected This Summer

H2 Technologies Group out of Reno, Nevada is betting on a hydrogen fueled lawnmower engine it is developing and which is due out this summer. According to NNBW, “Small engines powered by hydrogen would produce no emissions. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency says one gas-powered lawnmower produces as much pollution …

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Hydrogen Inventors Get Their Own App

Well, it’s about time, really. Applications makers have invented apps for all kinds of things like opening your garage door, starting your auto and even giving you free on-demand GPS while you’re in the auto. Now, a team of companies has gone one step further by developing an app for …

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San Diego Teen Inventor to Display Hydrogen Hybrid Engine

Dr. Roger E. Billings started his long and illustrious autoeer in hydrogen, by converting a gasoline-powered lawnmower engine to run on H2. Now, half a century later, 17-year-old San Diego high school student Josh Wesolowski has built a hybrid lawnmower engine that runs on unleaded gasoline, propane, methanol and hydrogen. …

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Hydrogen Work Vehicles Get the Job Done

They may not be as sexy as hydrogen autos parading down the road from one green event to the next with photo ops with congressmen and governors, but some less glamorous hydrogen vehicles are also starting to grab the public’s attention. For instance, lawnmower-maker Toro has paraded out its hydrogen-powered …

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Denny Klein’s Aquygen Boosts Gas Mileage with Hydrogen

Denny Klein, founder of Hydrogen Technology Applications in Clearwater, Florida says he is boosting gas mileage from ordinary autos up to 30-percent using hydrogen gas. The company’s patented Aquygen product or HHO gas was developed for cleaning and hotter burning blowtorches for the welding industry. They are currently selling the …

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Hydrogen Powered Car Forum Helps Home Inventors

The Hydro Power Car forum is the true garage inventor’s dream message board, where those interested in building a better mousetrap congregate to share ideas about how to create supplemental hydrogen to power autos, lawnmowers and any other device that can be run on fossil fuels. On this forum participants …

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Toro Turf Maintenance Vehicle Goes Hydrogen

Toro, the maker of tough turf and lawn autoe vehicles has teamed with Nuvera Fuel Cells to turn a test vehicle into one that runs on hydrogen. Nuvera will supply the PowerFlow PFV-5 fuel cell system that will go into a Toro Workman utility vehicle. This green project is part …

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