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Japan Hydrogen Highway

Japan’s Hydrogen Highway Japan’s hydrogen highway system was brought into place because of the 4-year Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Project (JHFC). Twelve hydrogen fueling stations have been built in 11 cities in Japan. Japan’s Hydrogen Highway Two hydrogen fueling stations that were built for Expo 2005 in Seto-North and …

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France Fuel Cell Businesses Face Off with Japanese Market

The French say “in your face” when it comes to introducing fuel cells to the Japanese market. Last month I had talked about 5 plug-in hybrid fuel cell Renault Kangoo ZE vehicles with Symbio FCell Range-Extenders rolling out in France. This month, 3 French fuel cell companies, McPhy, PaxiTech and …

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VW Bearish on FCVs Outside of Japan

One may think that a German automaker that has hydrogen fueling stations popping up all around the hillsides of Germany may be bullish on fuel cell vehicles at least in that country. But, this is not the case with Volkswagen. In fact, VW is predicting that fuel cell vehicles will …

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Japan Offering $20,000 Subsidies for FCVs

As both Toyota and Honda are readying to rollout fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in 2015, the Japanese government has announced rebates of $20,000 USD per auto. So, for instance, a Toyota Mirai with a sticker price of $68,000 USD would actually cost around $48,000 USD in Japan. According to the …

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Japan Says All Ministries Must Use Fuel Cell Vehicles

On Friday, 07/25/2014, in Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga had stated that all official vehicles at the various ministries must be fuel cell vehicles. The government is also discussing subsidies to help promote the introduction of commercial fuel cell vehicles in that country. According to 4-Traders, “Toyota Motor Corp. …

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Japan Establishes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Strategy Roadmap

Even though California is often thought of as Ground Zero for hydrogen auto technology and refueling infrastructure, Japan also has been quite pro-active in this field as well. And hence the Japanese have established a Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Strategy Roadmap in order to address the technical challenges going forward …

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Japanese Using Aluminum Hydrides to Store Hydrogen

Japanese researchers have discovered a lightweight and robust material for storing highly compressed hydrogen gas. Other metal hydride tanks are typically heavy, adding a lot of weight to the vehicle and bringing down the MPGe’s. According to The Engineer, “Lightweight interstitial hydrides – compounds in which hydrogen atoms occupy the …

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