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Iran Researchers Experiment with Hydrogen Cars

Researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran are experimenting with a “chemical auto” that runs on a hydrogen liquid chemical autorier. According to, “In order to solve the energy crisis in the future, some of the researchers of Amirkabir University of Technology produced chemical autos with environmentally …

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Nanotechnology Aids Cheap Fuel Cell Development in UK and Iran

Nanotechnology has already helped provide many breakthroughs in all areas of science, technology and engineering. Scientists in the UK and Iran are now using nanotechnology to aid in creating cheaper and more durable fuel cells for autos and production of hydrogen. According to Nanowerk, “…Ulster scientists have found a cheaper …

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Iran Catching Up in Hydrogen Production

George W. Bush called Iran an “Axis of Evil”. And there is no doubt U. S relations with that country have been strained at best especially after the most recent questionable election. But, one of the positive qualities of researchers and scientists working within a global economy is that politics …

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Cuba National Hydrogen Group Leads Pilot Testing

Cuba’s National Hydrogen Group is currently leading pilot testing of vehicles to see if H2 is indeed their fuel of the future. Tania Carbonel Morales, Director of the Center for Studies on Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER) has stated that students are actively participating in this study. According to the article, …

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