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Hydrogen Trolleys Are No Folly, Go Hydrolley

Now, I’ve talked about hydrogen trains or hydrail a number of times over the past. But, one area that I haven’t mentioned yet are hydrogen trolleys or hydrolley as they are calling it. Streetautos in general have made a resurgence over the years and not just in San Francisco, but …

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Hydrogen trains (hydrail) are coming around the bend slowly but surely. When gleaned from clean sources, hydrogen is a very green, environmentally friendly source of power transmission that contributes no harmful emissions and is virtually limitless as a source of energy storage and transport. Thanks to continual advances, hydrogen is …

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Posted on September 2nd, 2012 By guest blogger, Stan Thompson According to Wikipedia, Willie Sutton claimed never to have said the words that elevated him in history from a habitual law-breaker to authorship of Sutton’s Law. Sutton was a notoriously successful bank robber—the original “Slick Willie.” His notoriety earned him …

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Hydrail: Spain Leaps Ahead!

By guest blogger Stan Thompson It’s way too easy to miss really important events in the history of hydrogen railroading if they don’t contain the magic searchable word “hydrail”. I missed a huge one last month: the demonstration of Europe’s (and perhaps the world’s) first hydrail train—or maybe the first …

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