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Finland’s First H2 Station Opens

Finland’s largest gas manufacturer, Woikoski, has opened the country’s first hydrogen fueling station. The station is located in Vuosaari Harbour, at the Port of Helsinki. According to Finbay, “Woikoski is utilizing by-product hydrogen from various chemical plants and also expanding its hydrogen production capacity in Finland. The company has already …

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The Finns Get Going with Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Earlier this week, two Finnish companies joined forces to create a hydrogen production demonstration in Italy using the local wastewater. Being of partly Finnish heritage myself, I share great interest in what the Finns are up to in regard to hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In May, 2013 Finland unveiled …

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European Union Hydrogen Highway

European Union Hydrogen Highway The European Union hydrogen highway network is at present a loose affiliation of H2 refueling stations developed by various countries. Leading the charge is Germany who has the most hydrogen refueling stations with 30 followed by everyone else. European Union Hydrogen Highway But, the Members of …

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In U. S. and Europe Hydrogen Stations Have Doubled in 4 Years is reporting that 12 new hydrogen stations opened worldwide in 2011. The information comes from perusing the information on the website which keeps track of hydrogen fueling stations, opened, planned or closed globally. According to, “In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This …

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F-Cell World Drive Starts Heading Home

On January 10, 2011 I had talked about the F-Cell World Drive circling the globe in 125 days. The purpose of this 4 continent tour (Europe, America, Australia and Asia) was to show off the capabilities of the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell automobile discover interesting green subjects that need reporting …

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