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2010 – 2011

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2010 – 2011 This page features hydrogen fuel autos that have been shown in the year 2010. Most of the hydrogen fuel cell autos and H2ICE vehicles on this page are prototypes, though some may be test vehicles as well. 2011 The Daihatsu FC Sho Case is …

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Smart Fuel Cell Car Only Mildly Innovative

By reading the Smart Fuel Cell (SFC) press release one would think that its hydrogen fuel cell range extender for a battery electric vehicle combined heat and power (CHP) technology is earth shattering news. But, it’s only mildly newsworthy and I’ll tell you why. SFC has joined forces with …

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Hydrogen Development News from Around the World

Since I tend to be U. S. centric and especially California centric when I talk about hydrogen autos, vehicles and the upcoming hydrogen economy I thought it would be fun, to take a break from this and point out many different hydrogen developments from around the globe. For instance, in …

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Fuel Cells to Power Denmark’s Emergency Communications

In case of a terrorist attack or other nationwide emergency situation, Denmark wants to be ready with reliable communications. That is why they have turned to the reliability of hydrogen fuel cells to provide such critical power. A couple of weeks ago I had talked about the EFOY fuel cells …

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Fuel Cells to Power Traffic Signals

With hydrogen autos from Honda, GM, BMW and others hitting the roads, what can be more poetic than traffic signals powered by fuel cells? There are many remote traffic signals on the road that don’t have access to the power grid, so they must use batteries which must be changed …

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