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Turkey Develops Sodium Borohydride Fuel Cell Car

This won’t be the first time I’ve talked turkey about Turkey. In July 2011, I had spoken about how Turkey had built the EkoKaravan that runs off a variety of energy sources including hydrogen. Turkish engineers had also built the SAHIMO hydrogen auto and an H2 refueling station as well. …

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Hydrogen Generator Types

Hydrogen Generator Types Hydrogen generator types come in three flavors. A hydrogen generator can be a system that creates hydrogen. Or, a hydrogen generator may be a system that is powered by H2. In a few cases, both are true. Creates H2 A hydrogen generator that creates hydrogen comes in …

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Hydrogen On Demand

Hydrogen On Demand Hydrogen-on-demand systems within the automotive industry may one day rock the world. If the current hydrogen on demand systems that are being developed pan out or if future hydrogen-on-demand systems take hold, this could mean that building a huge hydrogen gas infrastructure is not necessary. A hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2001 The year 2001 was a banner year for hydrogen autos as 22 prototypes were rolled out before the public. Toyota had three FCHV models with Ford, GM, DaimlerChrysler and Honda also putting out multiple vehicles. 2001 The 2001 Mitsubishi Space Liner was a futuristic looking auto …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2000 The new millennium brought in 13 interesting hydrogen autos, including three models by DaimlerChrysler. Ford and Millennium Fuel Cell also made a good showing in 2000 along with General Motors and Volkswagen who both showed off a couple of innovative hydrogen vehicles. 2000 The 2000 Hyperauto …

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28copper15hydride May Solve Hydrogen Storage Issue

Hydrogen storage is one of the biggest issues facing the rollout of fuel cell vehicles. And scientists in Australia and Taiwan may have found the answer in a new molecule named 28copper15hydride. According to Ansto, “Scientists say that the newly-discovered ‘28copper15hydride’ puts us on a path to better understanding hydrogen, …

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Microfluidic Fuel Cell Alternative to PEM

Researchers at Cornell University have been doing some outside the box thinking in regard to fuel cells. They have basically thrown away the expensive Nafion Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that defines most of today’s hydrogen fuel cells used in autos. According to, “Usually, fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen …

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Turkey Unveils Its First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat

The last time I talked Turkey was November 9, 2011 to discuss the country’s first fuel cell auto which was unveiled. The fuel cell auto runs on sodium borohydride (NaBH4) which is created from the main mineral mined in Turkey, boron. Today I would like to talk Turkey again. Besides …

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