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Cyanobacteria Genes Show Hope for Producing Hydrogen

Cyanobacteria genes (blue-green algae) have been shown by scientists to produce both hydrogen and ethanol. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have found that a certain strain of cyanobacteria is on a circadian rhythm and has a rare linear chromosome. By day the blue-green algae works at photosynthesis including …

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Nostoc Bacteria May Produce Hydrogen for Vehicles

Researchers at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom have discovered that a certain bacteria called Nostoc releases hydrogen as part of its metabolic process. The Nostoc bacteria works by fixing nitrogen in an energy intensive process that is just beginning to be understood. Using computer modeling, the researchers …

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Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen fuel is also an energy autorier. In fact, many will argue that is all hydrogen fuel is. Since hydrogen does not occur on Earth in any significant amounts by itself (and this point is now up for debate and more natural hydrogen has been discovered) it must …

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H2 Production

Hydrogen Production Hydrogen production will be necessary for the hydrogen highway to take off. For hydrogen autos to be produced on a large scale, hydrogen production must be in place in order to meet this need. While hydrogen itself is the most common element in the universe, it makes up …

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Halanaerobium Hydrogeninformans Rocks Out H2 Production

Dr. Melanie Mormile, a researchers at Missouri S&T, has discovered that the extreme bacterium halanaerobium hydrogeninformans can produce large amounts of hydrogen under the right conditions. According to Missouri S&T, “Mormile, an expert in the microbial ecology of extreme environments, wasn’t searching for a bacterium that could produce hydrogen. Instead, …

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Loofahs for Fuel Cells?

Loofahs, which come from the ripened fruit of the loofah plant, have long been used for exfoliating skin, turning calloused feet soft like a baby’s behind. Now scientists are using this fibrous loofah plant in a microbial fuel cell (MFC) to treat waste and create electricity. According to, “Recently, …

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Radical SAM Enzyme Produces Hydrogen

Scientists at University of California, Davis, have been researching how bacteria produce hydrogen. One of the ways is by combining radical SAM enzymes with iron and sulfur atoms. According to Futurity, “The bacterial catalysts are based on precisely organized clusters of iron and sulfur atoms, with side groups of cyanide …

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Silver Bullet for Hydrogen Production May Be TiO2

The silver bullet in hydrogen production may actually be made out of titanium dioxide. At least this is what Associate Professor Darren Sun at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is saying. Under the category of the “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread and Ginsu Knives” Professor Sun has invented the Multi-use Titanium …

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