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Fuel Cell Drone Cleans Ocean Algae, Produces Hydrogen

Fredrik Ausinsch, a Swedish industrial design student, has envisioned a futuristic unmanned hydrogen fuel cell drone that cleans ocean algae and produces hydrogen fuel. Mr. Ausinsch envisions his algae sea collector to one day roam the Baltic Sea cleaning toxic algal blooms, creating biofuels (which can be used to create …

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Green Algae Mutant Strains Used to Produce Hydrogen

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are using green algae mutant strains (not to be confused with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to produce hydrogen. The particular strain of algae is called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii which contains properties of both plants and animals. According to NREL, “The …

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OriginOil Algae Hydrogen Production Same as Solar

OriginOil has made a breakthrough scaled down system that uses algae to create hydrogen with similar efficiencies to using solar energy. The efficiency of using OriginOil’s Hydrogen Harvester is around 12-percent and solar energy hydrogen systems by comparison offer a wide range of efficiencies between 6 and 20-percent. One of …

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Solar Algae Hydrogen Farms Closer to Production

In the past, I’ve talked about Energy Quest in Henderson, Nevada developing a Pyrolysis Steam Reforming process for creating high purity hydrogen, autobon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen from algae. One of the typical problems occur when trying to produce hydrogen from algae is that oxygen tends to “poison” the process …

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Algae Pyrolysis Steam Reforming to Create Hydrogen

In the past, I’ve talked about using algae to create hydrogen again and again and again and again. I’ve talked about Cyanobacteria genes (blue-green algae), Hawaiian algae, Germany and Australia developing algae solutions and algae balloons. Well, yes, I’m actually going to talk about algae one more time (now, there’s …

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