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Dr. Cliff Ricketts Finishes Another Hydrogen Road Trip

I’ve mentioned Dr. Cliff Ricketts several times in this blog starting in 2007. The last time I mentioned the professor and hydrogen auto advocate was in 2012, when he took some of his Middle Tennessee State University students on a hydrogen-fueled road trip from Savannah, GA to Long Beach, CA. …

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Hydrogen On Demand

Hydrogen On Demand Hydrogen-on-demand systems within the automotive industry may one day rock the world. If the current hydrogen on demand systems that are being developed pan out or if future hydrogen-on-demand systems take hold, this could mean that building a huge hydrogen gas infrastructure is not necessary. A hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Solar Prius Takes Coast to Coast Road Trip

One of the last times I had talked about Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and their inventive professor Dr. Clifton Ricketts was in April 2007. At that time Dr. Ricketts was figuring out how to break his own land-speed record for hydrogen autos at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. …

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Hydrogen On Demand May Be At Your Command

Hydrogen on demand is not a new topic. Yesterday, I blogged about how Drano or a similar caustic substance may one day be used with water and aluminum to produce a hydrogen on demand reaction to power vehicles. Companies like those mentioned in that blog Hydrogen Power Incorporated, Ecotality, …

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