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APFCT Hydrogen Scooters Update

I have been talking about APFCT hydrogen scooters in Taiwan since November 2010. It’s been fun and educational to watch the development from prototypes to commercial ready vehicles. And now there is an update. According to APFCT, “80 fuel cell vehicles (scooters), which are granted by the Ministry of Economic …

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APFCT Hydrogen Scooters Coming to Hawaii

On August 2, 2012 I wrote about how APFCT (Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies) hydrogen fuel cell scooters were becoming commercial-ready in Taiwan. Some 30 fuel cell scooters were driven over 120,000 kilometers around the cities and mountains of Taiwan in order to make sure they were ready for prime …

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APFCT Fuel Cell Scooter Update

The last time I talked about APFCT I gave an update about their fuel cell microauto and FCV scooter program in Taiwan. What is unique about both of these programs is the swappable canister (compressed hydrogen tank) aspect where a rider or driver can swap out fuel tanks in about …

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APFCT Fuel Cell Microauto and Scooter Update

I’ve talked about Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (APFCT) before. In August 2010 I had talked about how APFCT was producing 10 hydrogen microautos and 10 fuel cell scooters. Then in January 2011, I had talked about how the first swappable hydrogen canister station had been setup at the …

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Hop on the Hydrogen Bus Gus in Hawaii

In just a couple of months, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will be using two hydrogen hybrid buses to take tourists to local volcanoes. As singer Paul Simon says, “Hop on the bus, Gus, don’t need to discuss much …” According to the Hawaii Tribune Herald, “The hope is that …

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